29 6 月 2018

Daily  Market View


   Daily  Market View

  Friday, June 29, 2018
          U.S Stock Market


24225 2719.50 7060.50
+0.41% +0.62% +0.79%

U.S stock-market indexes closed higher yesterday, with broad-based gains led by a rally in financials and technology sectors. The S&P 500 financials sector rose nearly 1% and snapped a 13-day slump, its longest losing streak ever. The S&P 500 index rose 16.68 points, a rise of 0.6%. The NASDAQ added 58.60 points, or 0.8%. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 98.46 points, a gain of 0.4%. The blue-chip average remained below its 200-day moving average as it came off its lowest close since early May. Equities have been volatile, with major indexes seeing big swings in both directions, often in the same session, and usually in response to changing headlines about trade policy. However, they remain in the fairly tight trading range that indexes have been mired in for months. Thus far this week, the Dow is off 1.4%, the S&P has lost 1.6%, and the NASDAQ has lost 2.5%. For the second quarter, the Dow is up 0.5%, the S&P has gained 2.9%, and the NASDAQ is up 6.2%. For 2018, the Dow has lost 2%, the S&P has gained 1.6%, and the NASDAQ has surged 8.7%.


Major Economic Releases for Today
Period Event GMT Forecast Previous


German Retail Sales (YoY) 06:00 1.8% 1.2%


German Unemployment Change (000’s) 07:55 -8k -11k


German Unemployment Claims Rate s.a. 07:55 5.2% 5.2%


U.K Gross Domestic Product (YoY) 08:30 1.2% 1.2%


Euro-Zone Consumer Price Index Core (YoY) 09:00 1.0% 1.1%


Canada Gross Domestic Product (YoY) 12:30 2.6% 2.9%


U.S Personal Spending 12:30 0.4% 0.6%


U.S PCE Core (YoY) 12:30 1.9% 1.8%


U.S Chicago Purchasing Manager 13:45 60.0 62.7
Dow Jones Industrial Average

The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.41% yesterday. The best performers of the session on the Dow Jones Industrial Average were Verizon Communications Inc., which rose 3.14% or 1.55 points to trade at 50.86 at the close. Meanwhile, International Business Machines added 1.86% or 2.56 points to end at 140.04 and JPMorgan Chase & Co was up 1.64% or 1.69 points to 104.93 in late trade. The worst performers of the session were UnitedHealth Group Incorporated, which fell 1.32% or 3.27 points to trade at 244.90 at the close. Walmart Inc. declined 1.19% or 1.03 points to end at 85.86 and General Electric Company was down 0.93% or 0.13 points to 13.83.




The tech heavy NASDAQ index added 0.79% yesterday. The top performers on the NASDAQ Composite were MagneGas Corp which rose 51.92% to 0.562, VivoPower International PLC which was up 61.38% to settle at 2.34 and Leading Brands Inc. which gained 28.07% to close at 1.460. The worst performers were Arsanis Inc. which was down 78.01% to 4.00 in late trade, China Advanced Construction Materials which lost 29.79% to settle at 4.950 and Differential Brands Group Inc. which was down 26.61% to 4.000 at the close.



Oil prices climbed yesterday, with U.S. crude hitting a three-and-a-half year high, bolstered by supply concerns due to U.S sanctions that could cause a large drop in crude exports from Iran. Crude futures rose 69 cents, nearly 1 percent, to settle at $73.45 a barrel. It reached $74.03 earlier in the session, the highest since Nov. 26, 2014. The United States this week demanded countries halt imports of Iranian oil from November; a hardline position the Trump administration hopes will cut off funding to Tehran. Yesterday, officials said they would work with countries on a case-by-case basis. China, the biggest importer of Iran’s oil, has not committed to the U.S. position. The U.S. demands follow a decision by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries last week to increase production to try to moderate oil prices that have rallied more than 40 percent over the last year.


Precious and Base Metals

Gold fell to its lowest in more than six months yesterday as the dollar held near a one-year high, propelled by mounting pressure from a U.S.-driven trade dispute that has led investors to dump equities. Global equities slipped to their lowest in almost three months, buffeted again after U.S. President Donald Trump and White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow outlined plans to clamp down on Chinese acquisitions of sensitive American technologies. The trade tensions pushed the dollar to test a one-year high against a currency basket. A strong dollar makes dollar-priced gold costlier for non U.S. investors and while falling equities, seen as risky assets, usually help safe-haven gold, they have failed to do so this time. There is some safe-haven demand going into gold but not as much as is going elsewhere, like the dollar or treasuries or safe-haven currencies like the franc. Spot gold was flat at $1,250.80 an ounce. Earlier, it touched $1,248.21, its lowest since mid-December.  U.S. gold futures for August delivery dropped 0.3 percent at $1,252.70 an ounce. Investors are positioning for a potentially fraught meeting of European Union leaders to discuss issues such as migration, Brexit and trade. They are also looking for indications on the survival prospects for the fractious new German coalition. Nowadays, there is no safe-haven appeal for gold; people are tracking other assets as safe havens. In a nod to dollar bulls, Boston Federal Reserve President Eric Rosengren on Wednesday said the central bank should continue to raise interest rates gradually to lower the risk of a major policy error. The dollar index’s strength is mainly powered by hopes for higher rates and rising yields and there seems to be no change in this any time soon.  Indicating falling demand for gold, holdings of SPDR Gold Trust, the world’s largest gold-backed exchange-traded fund, dropped 0.36 percent to 821.69 tonnes on Wednesday. In other precious metals, spot silver was 0.3 percent higher at $16.10 an ounce. In the prior session, it touched its lowest since mid-December at $15.94.




Wheat, Corn, and Soybeans

Wheat futures edged lower falling for four in five sessions as ample global supplies and pressure from harvest of the U.S winter crop weighed on the market.




Futures Settlement Price Thursday, June 28, 2018
Instrument Contract Open High Low Settlement Net Change
DJIA DJM18 24135 24292 23976 24225 81
S & P 500 SPM18 2705 2726.25 2693 2719.5 13.5
NASDAQ 100 NDM18 6988.25 7075.5 6955.75 7060.5 59.5
Hang Seng HSH18 28184 28383 27959 28265 95
Nikkei 225 NKH18 22175 22275 22015 22245 0
FTSE 100 FTH18 7530 7594.5 7512 7585.5 74
Gold GCJ18 1253.5 1255.5 1247 1249.8 -4.3
Silver SIK18 1603 1608 1586.5 1597.5 -7
Copper HGK18 297.8 298.1 292.95 295.65 -2.45
Crude Oil CLK18 72.23 73.99 72.17 73.35 0.98
Wheat WK18 487.5 492.25 482.5 484 -4.75
Soybeans SK18 871.5 874.75 864.75 867.25 -6.25
Corn CK18 360.75 361.25 353.75 `355.00 -7.25


Daily Swings  (The Pivot Levels)
  Trading Range  
Contract S3 S2 S1 Pivot R1 R2 R3
DJM18 23721 23848 24037 24164 24353 24480 24669
SPM18 2666.33 2679.67 2699.58 2712.92 2732.83 2746.17 2766.08
NDM18 6865.92 6910.83 6985.67 7030.58 7105.42 7150.33 7225.17
HSH18 27598 27778 28022 28202 28446 28626 28870
NKH18 21822 21918 22082 22178 22342 22438 22602
FTH18 7451.00 7481.50 7533.50 7564.00 7616.00 7646.50 7698.50
GCJ18 1237.53 1242.27 1246.03 1250.77 1254.53 1259.27 1263.03
SIK18 1565.17 1575.83 1586.67 1597.33 1608.17 1618.83 1629.67
HGK18 287.88 290.42 293.03 295.57 298.18 300.72 303.33
CLK18 70.53 71.35 72.35 73.17 74.17 74.99 75.99
WK18 470.50 476.50 480.25 486.25 490.00 496.00 499.75
SK18 853.08 858.92 863.08 868.92 873.08 878.92 883.08
CK18 344.58 349.17 352.08 356.67 359.58 364.17 367.08


  Source: – News & Quotes (Courtesy:  Reuters)                                                                    


This information has been prepared for information only and does not constitute an offer or commitment. This information does not constitute investment advice as defined by the rules of the FCA.

The firm or its staff members may trade on their own account and may from time to time hold or act as market makers in investments mentioned in this document. Please note that the firm makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information and opinions herein. All parties are advised to seek independent professional advice as to the suitability of any products and to their tax, accounting, legal or regulatory implications. City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reg 232015.




29 6 月 2018

                      證券CFD亞洲                2018-06-29










產品 開盤價 最高價 最低價 收盤價
HS_ 28277 28761 28247 28724










從4小時圖上看,歐元/美元日內上漲。技術指標上,MACD看漲動能柱擴張,RSI指標位於平衡區50上方。後市來看,價位將上漲,匯價阻力目標指向 1.17000一線。下行方面,匯價初步支撐考驗1.15600一線。






 證券 CFD 歐美                   2018-06-29


產品 開盤價 最高價 最低價 收盤價
DJ_ 24135 24292 23976 24218
SP_ 2705.00 2726.25 2693.00 2719.00
ND_ 6998.00 7075.50 6955.75 7059.50
FT_ 7531.0 7595.5 7513.0 7583.5



個股方面,當天倫敦股市成分股中煙草類個股領漲,位於漲幅前五位的個股分別為:英美煙草股價上漲3.85%,希爾制藥股價上漲3.10%,煙草集團帝國品牌公司股價上漲2.83% ,在線餐飲外賣公司JUST EAT股價上漲2.07%,水務公司Severn Trent股價上漲1.62%。而成分股中資源類個股則領跌,位於跌幅前五位的個股分別為:軟件和信息服務商微聚國際股價下跌3.70%,投資公司梅爾羅斯工業公司股價下跌3.16%,化學品公司莊信萬豐股價下跌2.96%,嘉能可股價下跌2.80%,在線零售商Ocado集團股價下跌2.73%。













 商品 CFD 日報                    2018-06-29

週四(6月28日)美元指數從高位回落,雖因美聯儲和其他主要發達經濟體央行的貨幣政策分化,美元指數一度上漲至95.54為去年7月中旬以來的新高。但美國數據意外表現疲弱,最終報收於95.28 。日內公佈的美國GDP終值以及初請數據均表現不及預期,且前者的表現與美國總統特朗普和財長努欽近日言論相悖。

現貨黃金週四持續下挫,美市盤中最低下探至 1245.70 美元/金衡盎司。數據方面,日內公佈的上週初請失業救濟金人數為22.7萬人,略高於前值的21.8萬人。初請失業金人數增幅大於預期,而失業金申請人數已連續四周下降,報告中稱趨勢仍與勞工市場收緊保持一致。美國第一季度實際GDP年化季率終值為2%,低於前值的2.2%。個人消費支出的表現錄得0.9%,是近5年來最差水平,表明市場對貿易戰的恐慌,給未來美國經濟前景帶來陰影。有分析師指出,美元可能會繼續走強,受到利率和債券收益率走高的帶動,都是導致黃金變得沒那麼吸引人的關鍵原因。


芝加哥期貨交易所(CBOT)大豆期貨週四小幅收跌,因美國中西部作物帶近期迎來充沛降雨後,今年美豆豐產預期令市場進一步承壓。CBOT 8月大豆期貨合約收跌6-1/4美分,報每蒲式耳8.66-3/4美元。

芝加哥期貨交易所(CBOT)玉米期貨週四小幅收漲,因美國農業部發布的周度出口銷售數據優於預期。目前市場在靜候週五美國政府發布報告,預計報告將顯示玉米播種面積增加,庫存充裕。CBOT 9月玉米合約報每蒲式耳3.54-1/4美元。

芝加哥期貨交易所(CBOT)小麥期貨週四收低,因美國冬麥收割加速,以及在周五美國農業部(USDA)作物報告出爐前交易商軋平頭寸,對小麥市場帶來壓力。CBOT 9月軟紅冬麥期貨收低5美分,結算價報每蒲式耳4.83-1/2美元。

































28 6 月 2018

FOREX Newsletter


FOREX Newsletter

June 28, 2018


Pulse of the Market

·      The U.S Dollar rose broadly yesterday, including against the Swiss franc and Japanese yen

·      Sterling weakened as imminent Brexit talks and doubts the BOE will raise interest rates this year

·      The euro fell from the threat of a political crisis in Germany and uncertainty over EU summit

·      Despite easing in trade tensions, the trade-sensitive Australian dollar remained under pressure


The U.S dollar rose sharply against its rivals yesterday, as a rout of safe-haven currencies prompted traders to pile into the greenback after the White House softened its stance on restricting foreign investment. The U.S dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, rose by 0.48% to 94.81. U.S President Donald Trump said he would back Congress’ passage of the Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act (FIRRMA), which would expand the powers of the Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States (CFIUS), helping it combat alleged theft of U.S. intellectual property by China. The decision to back CFIUS not the somewhat harsher International Emergency Economic Powers Act of 1977 – which would have allowed Trump to unilaterally impose restrictions – sparked risk appetite, sending safe-haven currencies like the yen and Swiss franc sharply lower against the greenback. USD/JPY rose 0.25% to Y110.34, while USD/CHF rose 0.50% 0.9962. Mixed U.S. economic data showing an unexpected narrowing of the U.S. trade deficit and weaker durable goods orders did little to curb demand for the dollar. The Commerce Department said yesterday Core Durable Goods Orders fell 0.3% last month, missing economist forecast for a 0.5% rise. The US trade deficit narrowed to $64.85 billion, well below economists’ forecasts of $68.9 billion, from a revised $67.34 billion. The dollar’s move higher was also supported by a slump in both the euro and sterling as the latter was weighed down by Brexit angst, and uncertainty as to whether the Bank of England would hike interest rates this year. USD/CAD rose 0.02% to C$1.3309 as rallying oil prices continued to support the loonie, limiting gains in the currency pair, after the Energy Information Administration’s weekly report showed a massive draw in domestic crude supplies.



Time(GMT)   Economic Release IMP Actual Forecast Prior
06:00 German GfK Consumer Confidence (JUL) Medium   10.6 10.7
08:00 ECB Publishes Economic Bulletin Medium      
09:00 Euro-Zone Economic Confidence (JUN) Low   112 112.5
09:00 Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence (JUN) Low   -0.5 -0.5
10:00 BOE’s Bailey Speaks on the Future of Payments in London Low      
12:00 German Consumer Price Index (YoY) (JUN) High   2.2% 2.2%
12:30 U.S Initial Jobless Claims (JUN 23) Medium   220k 218k
12:30 U.S Continuing Claims (JUN 16) Medium   1718k 1723k
12:30 U.S Gross Domestic Product Annualized (QoQ) (1Q) High   2.2% 2.2%
12:30 U.S Personal Consumption (1Q) Medium   1.0% 1.0%
12:30 U.S Core PCE (QoQ) (1Q) Medium     2.3%
13:30 BOE Chief Economist Andy Haldane Speaks in London Medium      
22:45 New Zealand Building Permits (MoM) (MAY) Medium     -3.7%
23:01 U.K GfK Consumer Confidence (JUN) Medium   -7 -7
23:30 Japan Jobless Rate (MAY) Medium   2.5% 2.5%



The single currency was under pressure from worries about the trade conflict, the threat of a political crisis in Germany, and uncertainty over a European Union summit dealing with immigration. The U.S. dollar index which measures the greenback against a basket of six currencies was up 0.65 percent at 95.274, on pace for its second day of gains. Overall, the EUR/USD traded with a low of 1.1539 and a high of 1.1670 before closing the day around 1.1555 in the New York session.



The Japanese Yen pair rallied after a moderation in the U.S administration’s approach to Chinese investment. The dollar was up 0.15 percent against the yen at 110.21 yen and advanced 0.64 percent against the franc. The Japanese and Swiss units tend to benefit at the dollar’s expense in times of geopolitical and financial tensions. Overall, the USD/JPY traded with a low of 109.66 and a high of 110.47 before closing the day around 110.27 in the U.S session.


British Pound

The British Pound hit lows of $1.31 against the US dollar as investors digested recent dovish comments from MPC member-in-waiting Johnathan Haskel. Investors haven’t had much in the form of significant UK data releases to assess this week, but Sterling has seen some movement as markets reacted to a range of combative statements from the Bank of England (BoE). Overall, the GBP/USD traded with a low of 1.3104 and a high of 1.3231 before closing the day at 1.3114 in the New York session.


Canadian Dollar

The Canadian Dollar continues to have an uneventful week. Yesterday Canadian Dollar fell on the release front; the sole Canadian event was a speech from BoC Governor Stephen Poloz. In the U.S, the focus was on durable goods orders. Today, the U.S will publish Final GDP for the first quarter and unemployment claims. Overall, USD/CAD traded with a low of 1.3274 and a high of 1.3384 before closing the day at 1.3344 in the New York session.


Australian Dollar

The Australian Dollar continued to edge lower yesterday Despite the slight easing in trade policy tensions, the Australian and New Zealand Dollars, which are dependent on trade with China, remained under pressure. If you look at the broader trade policy backdrop it is still fluid and still uncertain. Overall, AUD/USD traded with a low of 0.7321 and a high of 0.7405 before closing the day at 0.7337 in the New York session.



EUR/JPY is trading below 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is giving a bearish tone and MACD is also issuing a bearish stance. The Relative Strength Index is above 41 and lies below the neutral zone. In general, the pair has lost 0.57%.



Currently, GBP/JPY is trading below 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is issuing a bearish tone and MACD is also indicating a bearish stance. The Relative Strength Index is above 35 reading and lies below the neutral zone. On the whole, the pair has gained 0.08%.




Currently, the cross is trading below 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is giving a bearish tone and MACD is indicating a bullish stance. The Relative Strength Index is above 37 reading and lies below the neutral region. In general, the pair has lost 0.48%.




This cross is currently trading above 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is indicating a bullish tone and MACD is also issuing a bullish signal. The Relative Strength Index is above 54 and lies above the neutral region. On the whole, the pair has gained 0.07%.



This cross is trading below 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is issuing a bearish stance and MACD is indicating a bullish tone. The Relative Strength Index is above 35 and lies below the neutral region. In general, the pair has lost 0.18%.




FOREX Closing Prices for June 27, 2018
Currency Open High Low Close Net Chg
EUR/USD 1.1645 1.16708 1.15392 1.15559 -0.0090
USD/JPY 110.028 110.471 109.667 110.272 0.2560
GBP/USD 1.32205 1.32319 1.31047 1.31144 -0.0107
USD/CHF 0.99076 0.99746 0.98895 0.99734 0.0069
USD/CAD 1.32991 1.3384 1.32748 1.33445 0.0040
EUR/JPY 128.144 128.322 127.236 127.424 -0.7340
GBP/JPY 110.519 110.634 110.342 110.589 0.0860
CHF/JPY 110.998 111.118 110.494 110.593 -0.4250
AUD/JPY 81.312 81.608 80.722 80.947 -0.3900
EUR/GBP 0.88054 0.88261 0.87952 0.88132 0.0006
EUR/CHF 1.15391 1.15528 1.15074 1.15237 -0.0013
GBP/CHF 1.31037 1.31114 1.30581 1.3078 -0.0023




Daily Pivot Points
  Trading Range  
Contract S3 S2 S1 Pivot R1 R2 R3
EUR/USD 1.1375 1.1457 1.1506 1.1589 1.1638 1.1720 1.1770
USD/JPY 109.00 109.33 109.80 110.14 110.61 110.94 111.41
GBP/USD 1.2942 1.3023 1.3069 1.3150 1.3196 1.3278 1.3323
USD/CHF 0.9832 0.9861 0.9917 0.9946 1.0002 1.0031 1.0087
USD/CAD 1.3176 1.3225 1.3285 1.3334 1.3394 1.3444 1.3503
EUR/JPY 125.91 126.57 127.00 127.66 128.09 128.75 129.17
GBP/JPY 110.12 110.23 110.41 110.52 110.70 110.81 110.99
CHF/JPY 109.73 110.11 110.35 110.74 110.98 111.36 111.60
AUD/JPY 79.69 80.21 80.58 81.09 81.46 81.98 82.35
EUR/GBP 0.8766 0.8781 0.8797 0.8812 0.8828 0.8842 0.8859
EUR/CHF 1.1458 1.1483 1.1503 1.1528 1.1549 1.1573 1.1594
GBP/CHF 1.3000 1.3029 1.3054 1.3083 1.3107 1.3136 1.3160

Sources:  News, Charts & Quotes (Courtesy: Reuters, US Department Of Treasury)



This information has been prepared for information only and does not constitute an offer or commitment. This information does not constitute investment advice as defined by the rules of the FCA.

The firm or its staff members may trade on their own account and may from time to time hold or act as market makers in investments mentioned in this document. Please note that the firm makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to the accuracy or completeness of the information and opinions herein. All parties are advised to seek independent professional advice as to the suitability of any products and to their tax, accounting, legal or regulatory implications. City Credit Capital (UK) Ltd is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, reg 232015.



證券 CFD 亞洲                2018-06-28










產品 開盤價 最高價 最低價 收盤價
HS_ 28995 29043 28272 28371









從4小時圖上看,歐元/美元日內震盪。技術指標上,MACD看跌動能柱緊縮,RSI指標位於強勢回轉點。後市來看,價位短期將持續震盪,匯價支撐目標指向 1.16000一線。上行方面,匯價初步阻力考驗1.15000一線。






證券 CFD 歐美                   2018-06-28


產品 開盤價 最高價 最低價 收盤價
DJ_ 24277 24562 24076 24137
SP_ 2726.50 2747.75 2700.75 2705.50
ND_ 7097.75 7151.00 6987.75 7000.00
FT_ 7492.5 7574.5 7447.0 7509.5

個股方面,金融類股回吐盤中稍早的反彈,創下連續13天的虧損紀錄。金融類股SPDR基金(XLF)收低1.3%。美國銀行、摩根大通、摩根士丹利和花旗集團均下跌至少1%。亞馬遜和Alphabet分別下跌1.8%和1.4%。 Facebook和Netflix的股價下跌也推動納斯達克指數走低。標普科技指數下跌1.5%,對標普500指數帶來最大的拖累。營收依賴中國的晶片製造商跌幅更大。費城半導體指數下滑2.5%。


個股方面,當天倫敦股市成分股中消費類個股領漲,位於漲幅前五位的個股分別為:軟件和信息服務商微聚國際股價上漲4.67%,在線零售商Ocado集團股價上漲3.92%,餐飲及酒店集團惠特布雷德股價上漲3.44%,羅爾斯羅伊斯控股公司股價上漲3.35%,英國石油股價上漲3.35%。而成分股中金融類個股則領跌,位於跌幅前五位的個股分別為:在線餐飲外賣公司JUST EAT股價下跌7.11%,供應鏈服務商Bunzl股價下跌1.31%,蘇格蘭皇家銀行集團股價下跌1.09% ,耆衛保險公司股價下跌0.95%,英國聯合食品集團股價下跌0.85%。