06 7月 2018

FOREX Newsletter


FOREX Newsletter

July 06, 2018


Pulse of the Market

·      U.S jobs rose less than expected in June reined in the greenback’s recent rally

·      The euro climbed after German industrial orders had a higher-than-expected jump in May

·      Another key Brexit meeting will take place in today’s trading session

·      The British Pound continues to find support and traded higher against the US Dollar

The U.S Dollar moved off its lows against its rivals but remained under pressure amid mixed U.S economic data and a stronger euro ahead of the release of the Federal Reserve’s minutes. The U.S dollar index, which measures the greenback’s strength against a trade-weighted basket of six major currencies, fell by 0.11% to 94.09. ISM nonmanufacturing data for June showed an uptick to 59.1, beating expectations of 58.3. The services sector is a critical component of the US economy, accounting for roughly 80% of U.S. private-sector gross domestic product (GDP). A duo of reports, meanwhile, showed a mixed backdrop for the U.S. labor market as private payrolls fell short of forecasts, while initial jobless claims were in-line. Private payrolls grew by 177,000 for June, a decline from 189,000 in May, according to a report released Wednesday by ADP and Moody’s Analytics. That missed a economists’ forecast for an increase of 190,000. The U.S. Department of Labor reported yesterday that initial jobless claims for the week ended June 30 came in at a seasonally adjusted 231,000. The subdued post-holiday start for the greenback comes ahead of the minutes of Federal Reserve’s June meeting expected to reveal clues on the central bank’s monetary policy outlook. A rising euro also added pressure on the greenback amid better-than-expected German factory orders and signs that the U.S. was easing its tough stance on tariffs towards European Union carmakers. The U.S. ambassador to Germany reportedly said that President Donald Trump would suspend threats to impose tariffs on cars imported from the EU if the bloc axed duties on U.S cars. The safe-haven yen and Swiss franc were out of favor, however, despite looming U.S. and China trade tariffs expected to take effect today.
Time(GMT)   Economic Release IMP Actual Forecast Prior
00:00 Japan Labor Cash Earnings (YoY) (MAY) Medium   0.9% 0.8%
05:00 Japan Coincident Index (MAY) Medium   116.1 117.5
06:00 German Industrial Production n.s.a. and w.d.a. (YoY) (MAY) Medium   1.5% 2.0%
07:30 U.K Halifax House Prices (MoM) (JUN) Low   0.2% 1.5%
08:30 U.K Unit Labor Costs (YoY) (1Q) Medium     2.1%
12:30 Canada Net Change in Employment (JUN) High   20.0k -7.5k
12:30 Canada Unemployment Rate (JUN) High   5.8% 5.8%
12:30 Canada Hourly Earnings Permanent Employees (YoY) (JUN) Medium   3.7% 3.9%
12:30 U.S Change in Non-farm Payrolls (JUN) High   195k 223k
12:30 U.S Change in Private Payrolls (JUN) Medium   190k 218k
12:30 U.S Unemployment Rate (JUN) High   3.8% 3.8%
12:30 U.S Average Hourly Earnings (YoY) (JUN) Medium   2.8% 2.7%
12:30 U.S Average Weekly Hours All Employees (JUN) Medium   34.5 34.5
12:30 U.S Trade Balance (MAY) Medium   -$43.6b -$46.2b
14:00 Canada Ivey Purchasing Managers Index s.a. (JUN) Low     62.5
17:00 Baker Hughes U.S Rig Count (JUL 06) Medium     1047


The single currency climbed half a per cent to near three-week highs following strong German data, though gains were capped before the release of Fed minutes later in the day. German industrial orders bounced back in May with a stronger-than-expected jump after four consecutive monthly drops, as demand from domestic customers picked up. Overall, the EUR/USD traded with a low of 1.1648 and a high of 1.1718 before closing the day around 1.1692 in the New York session.



The Japanese Yen pair held firm supported by quarter-end buying as well as an absence of any fresh escalation in trade-related tensions between the United States and its major trading partners. Still, trade worries look set to dominate the market with traders increasingly worried about the impact of trade disputes. Overall, the USD/JPY traded with a low of 110.26 and a high of 110.70 before closing the day around 110.64 in the U.S session.


British Pound

The British Pound erased an earlier advance to slip as Chancellor Merkel’s government is said to see the U.K’s Brexit customs plan as unworkable. Sterling fell on the news, which may undermine May’s proposal on how customs will operate ahead of a meeting with her own cabinet. The pound had earlier climbed as BOE Governor said the U.K economy is supporting the case for higher rates. Overall, the GBP/USD traded with a low of 1.3202 and a high of 1.3272 before closing the day at 1.3225 in the New York session.


Canadian Dollar

The Canadian Dollar edged higher against its U.S counterpart yesterday, holding near its strongest in nearly three weeks, as the greenback broadly fell and investors’ hopes rose that European car makers could be spared from U.S. tariffs. Canada runs a current account deficit so its economy could be hurt if the flow of trade or capital slows. Overall, USD/CAD traded with a low of 1.3113 and a high of 1.3158 before closing the day at 1.3132 in the New York session.


Australian Dollar

The Australian Dollar ambled its way through yesterday’s trading session, lifting modestly in Asia before giving back those gains in Europe. As has been the case throughout the week, it continues to be highly influenced by the gyrations in the Chinese Yuan. Conflicting reports about China’s intentions with regard to the currency have circulated in the last 36 hours, Overall, AUD/USD traded with a low of 0.7359 and a high of 0.7406 before closing the day at 0.7374 in the New York session.



EUR/JPY is trading below 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is giving a bearish tone and MACD is also issuing a bearish stance. The Relative Strength Index is above 53 and lies above the neutral zone. In general, the pair has gained 0.43%.



Currently, GBP/JPY is trading below 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is issuing a bearish tone and MACD is also indicating a bearish stance. The Relative Strength Index is above 48 reading and lies below the neutral zone. On the whole, the pair has gained 0.09%.



Currently, the cross is trading below 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is giving a bearish tone and MACD is indicating a bullish stance. The Relative Strength Index is above 44 reading and lies below the neutral region. In general, the pair has gained 0.20%.




This cross is currently trading above 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is indicating a bullish tone and MACD is also issuing a bullish signal. The Relative Strength Index is above 56 and lies above the neutral region. On the whole, the pair has gained 0.36%.



This cross is trading below 14, 50 and 100 days moving average. Fast stochastic is issuing a bearish stance and MACD is indicating a bullish tone. The Relative Strength Index is above 48 and lies below the neutral region. In general, the pair has lost 0.03%.




FOREX Closing Prices for July 05, 2018
Currency Open High Low Close Net Chg
EUR/USD 1.16557 1.17188 1.16484 1.16924 0.0034
USD/JPY 110.487 110.706 110.269 110.645 0.1370
GBP/USD 1.32313 1.32728 1.32022 1.32254 -0.0007
USD/CHF 0.99234 0.99443 0.99082 0.99353 0.0005
USD/CAD 1.31403 1.31581 1.3113 1.31321 -0.0013
EUR/JPY 128.767 129.608 128.552 129.358 0.5540
GBP/JPY 146.241 146.844 145.813 146.35 0.1330
CHF/JPY 111.266 111.641 110.981 111.394 0.0780
AUD/JPY 81.541 81.9 81.242 81.752 0.1600
EUR/GBP 0.88098 0.88558 0.88051 0.88441 0.0032
EUR/CHF 1.15662 1.16173 1.15654 1.16148 0.0040
GBP/CHF 1.31359 1.31671 1.31072 1.31353 -0.0003




Daily Pivot Points
  Trading Range  
Contract S3 S2 S1 Pivot R1 R2 R3
EUR/USD 1.1584 1.1616 1.1654 1.1687 1.1725 1.1757 1.1795
USD/JPY 109.94 110.10 110.37 110.54 110.81 110.98 111.25
GBP/USD 1.3124 1.3163 1.3194 1.3233 1.3265 1.3304 1.3335
USD/CHF 0.9878 0.9893 0.9914 0.9929 0.9950 0.9965 0.9986
USD/CAD 1.3066 1.3089 1.3111 1.3134 1.3156 1.3180 1.3201
EUR/JPY 127.68 128.12 128.74 129.17 129.79 130.23 130.85
GBP/JPY 144.80 145.30 145.83 146.34 146.86 147.37 147.89
CHF/JPY 110.38 110.68 111.04 111.34 111.70 112.00 112.36
AUD/JPY 80.70 80.97 81.36 81.63 82.02 82.29 82.68
EUR/GBP 0.8764 0.8784 0.8814 0.8835 0.8865 0.8886 0.8916
EUR/CHF 1.1529 1.1547 1.1581 1.1599 1.1633 1.1651 1.1685
GBP/CHF 1.3046 1.3077 1.3106 1.3137 1.3166 1.3196 1.3226

Sources:  News, Charts & Quotes (Courtesy: Reuters, US Department Of Treasury)




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证券 CFD 亚洲                2018-07-06



就类股表现来看,全部33类股中、有27类股上扬,其中以医药品类股涨幅最大,其次为电气机器、批发业和玻璃土石制品。夏普跌0.59%,收2,356日元,连续第5个交易日走跌,夏普于6月29日宣布撤回增资后、当天飙涨15%,不过该涨幅已几乎快全数吐光。信评公司标准普尔日前以夏普撤回增资计画为由,调降夏普展望。任天堂跌0.09%。 Switch日本销售量连7周增长、累销突破450万台,不过市场谨慎看待任天堂上季业绩表现,忧心营益恐陷入萎缩。苹果液晶面板(LCD)供应商飙涨5.51%。








产品 开盘价 最高价 最低价 收盘价
HS_ 28198 28489 27818 28216










从4小时图上看,欧元/美元日内上涨。技术指标上,MACD看涨动能柱缩减,快线与慢线趋势向上,RSI指标上行至63。后市来看,价位有可能持续上涨,汇价阻力目标指向 1.17400一线。下行方面,汇价初步支撑考验1.16800一线。






证券 CFD 欧美                   2018-07-06


产品 开盘价 最高价 最低价 收盘价
DJ_ 24196 24360 24113 24339
SP_ 2721.75 2739.25 2712.50 2738.50
ND_ 7042.75 7126.50 7016.75 7125.25
FT_ 7517.5 7564.0 7510.0 7561.0
    美国股市周四(7月5日)收高,但投资者仍处于紧张状态,因美国准备对从中国进口的商品加征关税。道琼斯工业平均指数上涨181.92点,至24,356.74点,英特尔和Walgreens Boots Alliance表现优于其他公司。标准普尔500指数上涨0.9%,收于2736.61点,科技股攀升1.5%。纳斯达克综合指数上涨1.1%,至7586.43点,Facebook、亚马逊、Netflix和谷歌母公司Alphabet均出现上涨。最近,由于投资者担心关税对企业利润和更广泛的全球经济的影响,贸易紧张局势一直在抑制股市上涨。报道称,美国驻德国大使告诉业内高管,美国总统特朗普可能会推迟对欧洲汽车实施关税,以换取让步,这让围绕贸易的情绪略有提升。通用汽车股价上涨了2.6%,收盘上涨1.3%。菲亚特克莱斯勒也上涨了6个百分点。

英国股市5日报收于7603.22点,比前一交易日上涨30.13点,涨幅为0.40%。个股方面,当天伦敦股市成分股中资源类个股领涨,位于涨幅前五位的个股分别为:矿业公司耶弗拉兹集团股价上涨2.98%,英美资源股价上涨2.82%,国际设备租赁商Ashtead集团股价上涨2.11%,嘉能可股价上涨2.08%,在线餐饮外卖公司JUST EAT股价上涨1.82%。当天伦敦股市成分股中房地产类个股领跌,位于跌幅前五位的个股分别为:英国联合食品集团股价下跌4.16%,住宅开发商伯克利控股集团股价下跌2.17%,商用物业公司土地证券集团股价下跌1.80%,在线零售商Ocado集团股价下跌1.63%,房地产商泰勒温佩公司股价下跌1.41%。








从ND_日线图上看,价格隔夜上涨,最高探至7126.50一线。技术指标上,MACD看跌动能柱紧缩, RSI指标位于平衡区50。后市来看,价格将区间震荡,价格阻力目标指向7200.00一线。下行方面,价格初步支撑看向6900.00一线。





 商品 CFD 日报                    2018-7-6

美元指数周四(7月5日) 震荡,备受关注的美联储会议纪要如期揭开面纱。美联储会议纪要显示,美联储官员担心,如果不加控制,让美国经济运行过于强劲,可能会导致重大问题。周四发布的会议纪要称,一些成员表示“担心经济长期运行超出潜能可能会导致通胀压力加剧或金融失衡,最终可能导致严重的经济衰退。”美联储官员也表达了对海外形势的担忧。整体而言美联储渐进加息的预期并未改变,年内也很有可能会完成两次加息,但贸易风险的存在令不确定性有所上升,未来还需继续关注经济数据的表现,例如明日即将公布的非农报告。目前市场普遍预期6月非农就业人数将增加20万,将略低于前值,失业率则将维持在3.8%低位,不过多数分析师认为失业率有望在近期进一步跌至1960年代以来最低的3.5%。


原油市场周四小幅下跌,报73.14美元/桶,因美国原油库存意外增长,但库欣库存继续大降以及美国产量连续三周维持不变,同时美元走弱也为油价带来部分支撑。美国能源信息署(EIA)最新报告显示,截至6月29日当周,美国原油库存意外增长124.5万桶,市场预期为减少逾500万桶,而周二美国石油学会(API)公布的降幅达到450万桶。尽管如此,美国原油主要交割地库欣地区原油库存减少211.3万桶,连续7周录得下滑且降至2014年2月以来最低水平。不过能源咨询机构Energy Aspects表示,库欣原油库存严重短缺造成了额外问题,如果无法及时补充,我们将在7月份看到油罐底部。

芝加哥期货交易所(CBOT)大豆期货周四再度走跌,所有交投活跃的合约均创新低,因交易商紧张地等待着中国从周五开始实施进口关税。中国是世界最大的油籽进口国。交易商称,市场昔遍预计美国和中国将从周五凌晨开始相互征收关税,打压了大豆产品价格,扶助拖累玉米价格下跌。民间分析公司Informa Economics亦上调其对美国玉米和大豆产量的单产预估,亦令价格承压。




















欧元方面,欧元/美元周四上涨,最高至1.17188。一些欧银委员们表示,至明年年末才作出加息的时间过晚,据可靠消息指出,欧洲央行货币政策制定者们对投资者押注欧洲央行直到2019年12月才会上调利率的预期感到不安。欧洲央行首席经济学家Peter Praet周四着重强调的话语,暗示其对欧元区通胀攀升和通缩风险的消失保持信心。与此同时,德国5月份工业订单数据月率上扬2.6%,年率上扬4.4%,均好于此前预期,这对欧元区一大支柱经济体的未来经济形势增加了信心。


从日线图上看,欧元/美元隔夜上涨。技术指标上,MACD看涨动能柱扩张,快线及慢线位于零轴下方, RSI指标位于平衡区50上方。后市看来价位将上涨,价格阻力初步考验1.17600一线。下行方面,价格关键支撑位1.16300一线。



从日线图上看,美元/日元隔夜上涨。技术指标上, MACD快线及慢线位于零轴上方, RSI指标位于平衡区50上方。后市看来价位将区间震荡,价格支撑目标考验110.000一线。上行方面,价格关键阻力位111.000一线。