The US President Trump is on the wires now, via Reuters, confirming that he will be meeting the UK PM Johnson during his UK visit.

Additional Comments:

It will be a very important election for the UK.

On macron's brain dead comment, NATO serves a great purpose.

it is very insulting to call NATO brain dead

NATO is becoming much more flexible.

It is a very nasty statement to make – on brain dead NATO.

France is not doing well economically

On France, we are doing their wines in trade.

You just cannot make statements like that on NATO.

Will meet Boris Johnson while in London but unsure when.

We’re taxing their wines and everything else.

EU treats US very unfairly on trade.

We are talking to EU about NATO and trade.

EU has to shape up or things will get very tough.

Nobody needs NATO more than France.

The US benefits the least from NATO – we are helping Europe.

When France makes a statement like that it is very dangerous.

I want to tax US companies, France wants to tax them out of the blue.

I am not going to let France take advantage of American companies.