S&P 500 is seeing near-term consolidation at 4070/75 but analysts at Credit Suisse see scope for the market to test pivotal resistance from the top of its 12-year trend channel from the 2009 low at 4115.

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S&P 500 remains well supported at a high level

“We continue to see scope for the rally to extend further yet. Support at 4068 holding can maintain an immediate upside bias for a break above 4086 for further strength to Fibonacci projection resistance at 4104/08, then what we view as more significant resistance at 4115/19. This is not only trend resistance from last November but more importantly, is the top of the 12-year trend channel from the 2009 low.”

“Whilst we still look for an eventual move to our 4200 objective some point this quarter, we would be highly cautious of an interim top around 4115/19.” 

“Below 4068 can ease the immediate upside bias for a fall back to 4057 initially, then the price gap from Monday morning at 4034/20, but with fresh buyers expected here for now.”